Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thank Goodness High Crowd Season is (Almost) Over!

Courtesy of talfonsoflickr

People who just loath the swarms of teens with the same bags and/or tops guided with flags known as turismos, you can breathe now.

Walt Disney World was crowd Purgatory on earth that season, where people had to stand in line for at least an hour for their favorite rides, sought shade, and faced thunderstorms that close certain attractions! Oh, and didn't I mention that they endured the chanting and line-cutting of certain Brazilian tour groups, Argentinean youth herds, and otros as well? (At least you watched the Main Street Electrical Parade at the MK, rode the enhanced Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at DHS, and took the time to watch Captain EO at Epcot.) But crowd levels as of very recent times are dwindling down, and I expect them to get lower as those kids buy their last-minute supplies for S-C-H-O-O-L, ending their summers.

I took another break from doing Disney (again) thanks to block-out dates - and I took the liberty to check out the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter at UIOA. It was worth dodging the Samba and Tango Muggles and waiting in line for the signature ride, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. I waited on the single-rider line for that attraction (twice) and found out that it was about the wait for the one in Test Track down in Epcot on a medium to medium-high-crowd day.

So did you do Disney this summer? Let me hear your trip reports!


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