Saturday, June 19, 2010

How to Enjoy Walt Disney World's Parks - in Adulthood

Some adults (and older children) equate Walt Disney World strictly with children. They complain that none of the rides are catered to their age group, the theme parks are too childish, and they would rather prefer to spend four days at rival Universal Orlando Resort (which has two parks), which has more adult appeal (that's perfectly fine with me as long as they keep it to themselves). If you're an adult who is skeptical of vacationing there, take note of Walt Disney's words:

You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.

Walt Disney World is not only meant for little kids willing to meet Mickey Mouse - it's designed to cater to all ages. The meddling turismos (teenage and adult South American tourist groups like the Argentinean youth herds and Brazilian tour groups) can enjoy the carousel as much as the little kids do, and they enjoy watching the parades just like about anyone else. Don't think of the resort as a Juvenilepolis - think of it as a shrine for the young at heart and the Disneyphile.

The Magic Kingdom
Many people think the Magic Kingdom is just a neo-Kidieland - bright happy colors and juvenile rides. I hope that you get over that misconception because there's an ample amount of thrill rides to offer. If you are a big coaster fan, check out Space Mountain (recently updated) in Tomorrowland and then ride a runaway train on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Frontierland. Water ride lovers can enjoy the Southern charm and rustic flavor of Splash Mountain. If you're single and at least 52 inches tall, ride the Tomorrowland Indy Speedway and race against your friends in separate cars. Not into thrill rides? I dare you to take a breather at "it's a small world" - those who love riding it can marvel at all the happy dolls, but most of you will get a taste of heck thanks to this repetitive song. If you love taking pictures, grab a seat for the parades and snap photos of interesting dancers and your favorite Disney Characters. Oh, and catch the fireworks show if you can - if you want a time and place for a kiss, it's the perfect moment for that.

Believe me, Epcot has been my favorite park for years - adult-oriented, school-friendly, and updated. Future World boasts three great thrill rides - the flying stimulator Soarin', the spinning and non-spinning versions of the stimulator space-flight ride Mission: SPACE, and the automobile test in a ride form Test Track. (You get to see the latest GM models after riding the latter, if you love cars and SUVs!) Comedy fans can experience and get a laugh out of Ellen's Energy Adventure and those who love gardening for food can sail on a boat on Living with the Land. Don't forget to experience World Showcase - the sundries from the shops in the countries and the varied cuisines will tempt you. One of the best attractions there for adults is the Maelstrom - think of it as Pirates of the Caribbean that teaches about the history and folklore of Norway. At night, marvel at the laser/water/firework spectacular Illuminations!

Disney's Hollywood Studios
The most dynamic park for teens and adults alike, Disney's Hollywood Studios offers thrills and fun. Roller Coaster fanatics will dig Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, in which they'll launch from 0 to 60 MPH in just a bit short of 3 seconds (2.8, to be exact). Drop 13 stories tall some random times on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. If you're a fan of Pixar, go head-to-head with friends in Toy Story Mania. On select nights, watch Mickey Mouse defend his dream against the Disney Villains in Fantasmic! - cameramen should watch for Steamboat Willie near the end with all the characters waving streamers (sorry to spoil you).

Disney's Animal Kingdom
Fans of the great outdoors or animals in general should add Disney's Animal Kingdom to their itineraries. Dinosaur lovers can either experience dark-ride dynamics as they rescue an Iguanodon and themselves from a destructive meteor shower and a hungry Carnotaurus in DINOSAUR or travel back in time in a spinning wild-mouse coaster on Primeval Whirl. Brave the heights as you encounter the Yeti on Expedition Everest (another roller coaster) or encounter rainforest destruction on Kali River Rapids. If you want to take pictures onride, check out Kilimanjaro Safaris - you may want to snap photos of an elephant doing a deuce. (Oops - sorry to gross you out!) When you need a breather from all the rides but don't want to leave, explore the animal exhibits - The Oasis Exhibits, Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, and Maharajah Jungle Trek.

Who says that doing Disney is just kids' stuff? The parks have a lot to offer for every age in the range - from gentle rides to thrilling coasters. Forget those who believe that you should bring your young'uns to Walt Disney World; you can enjoy it even without them!


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