Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Running 5 for Autism Campaign!

On Monday, I'll be taking a mystery vacation - you'll have to find out sometime after the week from this coming Saturday to find out!

After the mystery vacation, I'll be running a race in the 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon. No, my fellow Disneyphiles, it's neither the actual marathon nor the half-marathon - it's the Disney Family Fun 5K Race at Epcot. The reason why I'm training for it is not to become an athlete, but to raise money for an educational institution for kids with autism in the Tampa Bay area, Sydney's Schoolhouse. To me, the race is like an autistic helping other autistics, thus I created the campaign, Running 5 for Autism.

You can visit the page for the Road to the Walt Disney World Marathon Fund, where you can donate for this cause. In that case, I'm raising at least $9000 for the education center, so be an angel for Bay Area children today!


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