Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Perking Up Your Ears Of Experience!

As you may have heard, we're in the middle of Autism Awareness Month, dedicated to those living in the spectrum, like me, the author! Alas, Spring Break is in the air and the toils of a hot Florida summer is around the corner - with the anticipation of high crowds, stormy weather, and turismos who loudly chant in either Spanish or Portuguese.

OK, I get it now - most of you readers, as parents with autistic kids, are imagining those kinds of whatever that make doing Disney akin to going to a torture chamber the size of San Fransisco. Heck, I mentioned in my post on autism and Walt Disney World that the chanting and noise (aside from the colors, bright lights, and Spectromagic) can induce a meltdown! Sensory overload is what makes the (Disney) World go 'round, but a vacation agency is trying to help you and your child(ren) manage a rendezvous with Mickey Mouse.

The agency in question is Ears of Experience, which specializes in magical WDW vacays (as well as Disney Cruise Line and Disneyland) - and if you want a virgin Disney trip (no SeaWorld, BGTB, UO, or other malarkey), this is for you! Included in their package are visual itineraries and a booklet of the resort. But the site also offers tips for you and the autistic(s) on less-stress days. One of my favorites is using an MP3 player, iPod, noise-canceling headphones, or ear plugs to block the noise and racket. (It's useful this coming July, with all the Argentinean youth herds and Brazilian tour groups about to descend on Central Florida turf and carry on chanting like soccer fanatics!) My absolute favorite hint is to show the affected individuals pictures and videos on YouTube, but what they didn't mention is that social stories also aid them in mental planning.

If you haven't checked out Ears Of Experience, take a gander!


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