Friday, April 23, 2010

(Not Just Another) Beach Party at Walt Disney World

Note: this is actually my photo from my flickr account of Blizzard Beach's lazy river, Cross Country Creek.

Howdy, all you Disneyphiles! I'm back from my day at Disney's Animal Kingdom, with a newly-published item from Trifter. This item is a review of one of the videos of the Disney's Sing-Along Songs. If you grew up in the 90's like me, some of you grew up watching Mickey's Fun Songs (before being consolidated in the parent sing-along series), the three videos where kids dance and do fun frolics with the (costumed, Fur) Disney Characters in various venues, from Walt Disney World to the arena where they watch the Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey Circus.

The vidéo du jour is Beach Party at Walt Disney World, and I have to admit that all of the Mickey's Fun Songs tapes, this is my absolute favorite. It not just because the all-new (to me, until hitting it last fall) Blizzard Beach, all the Character action, and the fact that some kids starred in the old PBS TV series and Together Again home video series Kidsongs entice me - it's because of the one song: "Pearly Shells." Ask me what I think when I hear the song via tape or live performance and I'll tell you that it reminded me of the video. I even remember dancing to it with my cousins on my youngest cousin's christening after-party - in a bikini top and a grass skirt. It was pure fun indeed!

Another great element of the video is the wardrobe! Bright, halcyon colors that screams "90's" in your face makes it worth watching. (Heck, it was filmed in 1995, when Blizzard Beach opened!) What I really like about the Characters is the fact that some of them wear the famous Disney-MGM Studios starter jackets in the beginning and end. (If you have discerning eyes, you may find that a few scenes were actually filmed inside two of the then-three major theme parks: Epcot in the "A Pirate's Life" segment and Disney's Hollywood Studios in the "Celebration" segment.) Oh, and let's not forget that Aladdin and Jasmine front a rock band. How nostalgic is that?

If you have seen the DVD - and I mean in its entirety - please leave a comment!


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