Friday, April 23, 2010

Cheerleaders - ALREADY!?

It's that time of year when people have to deal with hordes of rude teenagers! No, the turismos - legions of traveling teens categorized in Argentinean youth herds and Brazilian tour groups - don't fly to the MCO until June! The teens in question are the contenders of the 2010 International Cheer Union World Championships, which is on this weekend. According to the official blog for Disney Parks, over 2000 cheerleaders representing about 150 teams from about 45 nations compete in the Disney's Wide World of Sports complex.

Of course, not all misbehave and nick Guests' day-trips to, say, the Magic Kingdom, but I have read in various discussion boards that most of them are way too overzealous that those writing of their experiences can't just stand them. Over at one from, most of them have bad run-ins with them. One member who did Disney on days when cheerleaders did so likewise, she hated the way that they screamed at virtually everything - at the pool, in the parks, and on the phone! There's a wealth of "cheerleaders annoy me to death" threads" all over the WDW boards, and the ICU World Championships aren't the only times where we Guests have days (with them) like that. Those groups flock to the resort during National High School Cheerleading Championships, Contests of Champions, and the Pop Warner National Championships. If you are staying on-property, at least in the Value and a few Moderate Resorts, you'll have to use some noise-canceling headphones at night whilst sleeping. Also, the "cheerleading intervals" can cause some trouble to those sensitive to noise - especially some autistics, who has to muster through the excessive auditory sensory overload when some troupes cheer and yell throughout the park.

If I were you, I'd stay in a Deluxe Resort, own a Disney Vacation Club timeshare, or go camping in Fort Wilderness. If money doesn't allow you to stay on-property, try staying in an off-site timeshare or (even better) a vacation home. For the latter, the only occupants you have to cope with are yourself and your family. Either way, you'll less likely have to spend sleepless nights with misbehaving cheer teams. If going to the parks, arrive early, snag Fastpasses, and deal with the overzealous girls, mmkay?


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