Friday, March 12, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cottontail - and Crazy Crowds!

This time of year is around the corner, my fellow Disneyphiles - and it's not Christmas! It's Spring Break, and most of the time, Easter falls on the period when college student and kiddos alike come out of their school campuses and flock to the World! That can mean only one thing - crowds, crowds, and more crowds.

I'm fortunate to have not done Disney dead on Easter - otherwise, it would be a pain to navigate through crowds, have to end up with fast food instead of that luncheon with Pooh, and face what is my pet peeve: long lines. Fortunately, you may or not may see some instances of turismos, particularly Brazilian tour groups, during that time. Then there are Phases of capacity:

1. Only all Passholders, re-entering Guests, and onsite Guests are permitted.
2. Only Annual and Premium Annual Passholders, re-entering Guests, and onsite Guests, are permitted.
3. Only Annual and Premium Annual Passholders and select onsite Guests are permitted.
4. No admittance to all Guests.

If I were those disgruntled people who have done Disney on Easter at least one time, I'd avoid it just as July (including our nation's independence day), Christmas, and New Years. If you really miss the Disney magic when vacationing this Easter, conceive a plan. Get to the parks early (an hour before opening is gold standard) and snag FASTPASSES ASAP (You heard me - get them before the kiosks run out!) Grab a parade or fireworks viewing seat an hour or two prior to arrival of commencement, and don't forget to be assertive to the folks who want to block your view. Dining in the World? Make reservations in advance - that goes for all Character meals and table service. Staying onsite? I recommend the morning Extra Magic Hours in Epcot - it's roomier, and the lines are not as horrid.


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