Monday, March 15, 2010

About Last Wednesday...

Last Wednesday, Disney reached its 1 million participants cap, meaning that those who yearn for free admission to do Disney by volunteering are out of luck. I know, it's less than 10 weeks since that whole shindig started, but you know that there's a limit and I understand your disappointment.

On the brighter side, my fellow Disneyphiles who did that, I thank you for your efforts and I wrote an article on just thanking you to ease some disappointment!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cottontail - and Crazy Crowds!

This time of year is around the corner, my fellow Disneyphiles - and it's not Christmas! It's Spring Break, and most of the time, Easter falls on the period when college student and kiddos alike come out of their school campuses and flock to the World! That can mean only one thing - crowds, crowds, and more crowds.

I'm fortunate to have not done Disney dead on Easter - otherwise, it would be a pain to navigate through crowds, have to end up with fast food instead of that luncheon with Pooh, and face what is my pet peeve: long lines. Fortunately, you may or not may see some instances of turismos, particularly Brazilian tour groups, during that time. Then there are Phases of capacity:

1. Only all Passholders, re-entering Guests, and onsite Guests are permitted.
2. Only Annual and Premium Annual Passholders, re-entering Guests, and onsite Guests, are permitted.
3. Only Annual and Premium Annual Passholders and select onsite Guests are permitted.
4. No admittance to all Guests.

If I were those disgruntled people who have done Disney on Easter at least one time, I'd avoid it just as July (including our nation's independence day), Christmas, and New Years. If you really miss the Disney magic when vacationing this Easter, conceive a plan. Get to the parks early (an hour before opening is gold standard) and snag FASTPASSES ASAP (You heard me - get them before the kiosks run out!) Grab a parade or fireworks viewing seat an hour or two prior to arrival of commencement, and don't forget to be assertive to the folks who want to block your view. Dining in the World? Make reservations in advance - that goes for all Character meals and table service. Staying onsite? I recommend the morning Extra Magic Hours in Epcot - it's roomier, and the lines are not as horrid.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Types of Guests

We see various Guests at Disney - from large groups (think Pop Warner and turismos) to whiners, from Disneyphiles (like me) to those who'd think Universal Orlando trumps Walt Disney World.

If you want to find out what visitor archetype are you, take my quiz on how your personality matches a particular Guest type.! Oh, and it's just for fun, anyways.

What WDW Visitor Archetype Are You?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Showing Scorn (and Disrespect) at Disney

There are some folks who prefer Universal Orlando (or whatever Central Florida park may be) over Walt Disney World, but a few of them actually abhor Walt Disney World. For example 1, there's a guy named Bobby Service, who tells those who are doing Disney  to "get a life." He criticizes the food (which to him looks "worse than poo-poo"), the advertising, the attractions (including Rock 'n' Roller Coaster), and whatever. He made a video about what he hates about the resort in the style of Disney's Sing Along Songs! (Guests must be 18 or older and be a YouTube member to view this.) Here's a note to Mr. Service: keep in mind that even teens and adults get the Disney knack, too!

Another Disney vacation-wrecker is Debbie Downer, who is with her family during the Magical Gatherings campaign. In their Saturday Night Live skit, they are having what a typical family vacationing at and around Disney has: a good old-fashioned Disney Character breakfast. Debbie Downer is displeased with the idea - she talks about mad cow disease, the train explosion in North Korea, and other taboo subjects. She even turns off Pluto about his work at Walt Disney World too, because she thinks that his job as meetable character is to fear terrorist attacks and that he's going to suffer heatstroke in his costume. Of course, my male cousin (let's say he's one of the people who has the Universal-over-Disney attitude) never acted like that when I took him to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, and even Eeyore would think her pessimism is too over the top. I wouldn't encounter her at Disney, even on queue for a ride - she ruins the magic for me.

Oh, and today is "Spread the Word to End the Word," and if I hear that word "retard" one more time...

Monday, March 1, 2010

What Will We Celebrate in March?

It's that time of year again, and it's Music In Our Schools Month, and it's 25 years old this year! Oh, and there's another music education-related bric-a-brac that also turned 25 this year - Disney's Magic Music Days!

Since 1985, the program has long enabled many high school bands to march right down the middle of Main Street USA before the *ahem* 3 o'clock parade in the Magic Kingdom and elsewhere where schools can entertain Guests from around the World. So let us applaud out kids who have done or are doing Disney and making their boosters proud this month!