Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Seems Like A Slow Season for Turismos

The Disney Hollywood Studios foray I had last week was pretty calm - just an hour wait at Toy Story Midway Mania and almost walk-ons with the rest of the attractions. Muetti went for the car later in my day-trip, so I went alone to have my pics with the Playhouse Disney menagerie. (Call me immature, but although I don't care for the kiddie show block on the Disney Channel, I feel like meeting the Characters.) Contrary to seasonal prediction, I saw just one Argentinean youth herd - no loud, rowdy, obnoxious-to-many Brazilian tour group or such to see. I checked the dates of various turismo sites and found they were doing Disney much later, increasing the likelihood of more turismo activity.

I am fantasizing on another day-trip between now and the 16th of this month, when Carnival is in full swing. Maybe then I'll see (and possibly hear) more turismos!


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