Friday, February 19, 2010

Jackets Were Required

How many of you went to Disney's Hollywood Studios?
(everybody raises hands)
All right, how many of you went when it was named Disney-MGM Studios?
(few hands come down)
OK, how many of you went there before the Sorcerer's Hat was erected?
(few hands come down)
How many of you have seen the Disney Characters in bomber jackets at that time?
(crowd is confused)

That's how it was back in the day - when Disney's Hollywood Studios (ahem - Disney-MGM Studios) was when those Characters were hip, cool, and integrable to the overall atmosphere of the park. The menagerie wore starter jackets - satiny, bright, and totally 90's - and the way they don the hippest frocks there dates back to 1989, the first operating year of the premises. Of course, not all Characters wore the outerwear that defines the identity of Disney-MGM Studios. Only Mickey (in his blue and gold jacket), Minnie (in her gold, pink and blue jacket over her signature polka-dot dress with either her bow or blue and pink baseball cap), Goofy (in a gold and green jacket and a baseball cap), Chip and Dale (both in red and green jackets and baseball caps), Pluto (in a blue and magenta jacket and baseball cap), Donald (in a blue and green jacket and baseball cap), and Roger Rabbit (in a red and purple jacket and baseball cap) practiced the nostalgic custom of the costume. In this video, towards the end, the latter greets Guests in his Studios-friendly raiment (noting it was the summer of 1990, a feel good time)

Having been to Walt Disney World numerous times since 1991, I had my fill of seeing Mickey and his dolled-up-for-the-90's friends, and the last time I've seen them was during spring break 1997. Some of the characters mentioned were out and about greeting Guests at the Animation Courtyard, namely Minnie, Donald, and Pluto. Little did I know that they were wearing those frocks that made me feel good inside. Those memories comprise some pure Disney nostalgia to me. I think that year was the last time they wore them historically (or even 1998 if I'm happy). Take the 1997 picture with Dale, a male, and Goofy, for example.

Well, with Roger Rabbit already phased out of the Disney Character roster years ago (will hopefully be back sometime in the future, when Roger Rabbit 2 comes out), the Sorcerer's Hat present, and the characters now greeting in their daily generic (no, classic) garb, I think of the Hollywood that never was (without the hip in the sporty, loud jackets) and never will be.


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