Saturday, February 20, 2010

Even Florida Residents Should Plan, Too

I have been doing Disney for nearly two decades, but there's one Florida resident (a Bay Area dweller like me) who doesn't immerse in the magic too much. She went on staycation to the World to see her niece's chorus perform. The first day started off with one bad day at the Magic Kingdom, where she critizices the rides and underwent malfunctions in entry (namely the turnstile). The only times she saw the actual Characters were on the Celebrate A Dream Come True and Spectromagic parades. She only enjoyed Wishes, the fireworks display. She went to Epcot and enjoyed it much more than the Magic Kingdom, and she stopped at Downtown Disney to see the chorus perform.

Wow - that woman must have been more accustomed to Universal Orlando than the World, but being a reader of the resort and frequenter, I'm here to give that woman some advice on where to find the Characters in the Magic Kingdom. She should have headed down to Mickey's Toontown Fair (which will be closing in the not-too-distant future, to make way for New Fantasyland) and headed to the Toontown Hall of Fame. If she were to meet Ariel, she should have gone to Ariel's Grotto in Fantasyland. Finding the characters at the Magic Kingdom is just as simple as grabbing a Guidemap (with character greetings marked by a pointing Mickey glove) and Times Guide. Oh, and the actual city of the World is Lake Buena Vista - it's all in the planning.


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