Monday, January 18, 2010

Why the Bandeira and Not the Mouse Ears?

I know, I know - the typical Disneyphile or former Cast Member would put images that are clearly Disney on his or her own blog, but apart from copyright infringement fears, it's very banal to my liking. Deb, of AllEars.Net, has its logo depict a plane leaving a trail of blue pixie dust over a cruise ship (depicting Disney Cruise Line), yet the site is very popular. That was my secondary inspiration of branding this blog.

But what about the first? Well, when I think of Walt Disney World, I think of turismos winding their way through the parks in chant - with their matching luggage and/or shirts and adults with flags - and the flags that describe them helped me decide on my logo, seen on the header and as a logo for my Blog Carnival. The sidebar background graphics have a hint of Disney, too, because the muted prints are in pastel shades of lagoon blue, seafoam green, pumpkin orange, and lavender (they're the official colors of Walt Disney World). I'm pretty content with the design of the blog - very Disney without it being too blatantly Disney.

For more on why I designed this blog, see my article, Branding a Disneyphile’s Blog.


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