Monday, January 18, 2010

The Flexible Disney Carnival

Well, as a lot of us try to lose weight for the upcoming swimsuit (or in Disneyphile perspective, Mickey) season, I created The Flexible Disney Carnival, courtesy of Blog Carnival! Before you submit to the carnival, there are some rules here - keep it family-friendly and only mention the other Central Florida theme parks in accommodation transportation, comparisons of attractions and entertainment, or vacation that include them as well as (I'm boldfacing it for emphasis here, Disneyphiles!) at least one of the quartet of Disney Parks at the Vacation Kingdom.

Of course, there's two upcoming Blog Carnival editions I created - the one where those who volunteered during the Give A Day, Get A Disney Day campaign can blog on how they spent their free ticket (with donation as an exception) at the parks and how those who did Disney, several times or the very first time, spent summer there! The summer memories carnival will be hosted on February 14 through July 4 and the Free Voucher carnival will be hosted Wednesday through December 25. That leaves plenty of time to ruminate on those Disney memories! Oh, and be sure to check out my Blog Carnival widget on the sidebar!


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