Thursday, January 7, 2010

To Freeze at Disney

Florida, which is famous for warm-to-hot days, is no stranger to cold weather, and Walt Disney World is an example of places where you can freeze your buldets. I read an article by Robert Niles on Theme Park Insider, in which I am a member, on how cold weather affects certain rides, and told me and other fellow members of the hassles of working at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at the Magic Kingdom in 1990, when a cold snap gripped the park, causing a technical shutdown. I'm lucky (and a bit disappointed) that I didn't get to do Walt Disney World at that time, but that spares my sanity from my frenemies, the turismos (aka Argentinean youth herds and Brazilian tour groups).

The cold weather, mostly with freezing lows, is going to affect the ongoing Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend soirees and festivities, and the race director makes it clear to all participants (that includes a few of you, give or take) - dress warmly in layers, bring gloves and hats, and warm up properly. The layers, gloves and hats apply also to those heading to Walt Disney World during the weekend. I would suggest that Guests take advantage of dry, indoor attractions (I will be likely at Disney's Hollywood Studios or even Epcot, where a bulk of the attractions are indoors.) and grab a hot drink.

So, do you still do Disney in spite of chilly weather? If you are doing so, how do you prepare yourself? If you did, how did you experience and/or manage your day?


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