Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sorry for the Break in the Blog

I recently wrote this touching quatrain from a Haitian's eyes when she witnessed the 7.0 earthquake in her homeland, and of course, the event that occurred in the poem actually happened two days ago. My poem from a Catholic's point of view is named, "Impoverished Again," and the title tells us that the temblor, besides raising fears of an over 100,000 death toll, had made the homeland's residents even poorer in material and worth. Yes, they may be hungry, but they put their faith in God and intercede the Our Lady of Perpetual Help in the poem.

Disney is no stranger to humanitarian aid - they donated $100,000 dollars to the Red Cross. You too, fellow Disneyphiles, can do the same - allocate your money and prayers to the herd of needy in Haiti through your charity of choice. For you, my Catholic peeps, you can donate through Catholic Relief Services either online at, mail, or your parish special collections.

This is the Whiz Kid Forte, and my thoughts and prayers go out to those who have weathered and are struggling and who have perished in Haiti.


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