Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gang Violence No Disney Deterrent

Tomorrow is another day to do Disney (Blame cabin fever from the cold, work schedules, and the occasional race training for the delay!) this month, and it's going to be very certain that it's turismo-laden! I checked the weather reports and it will boast showers on the AM, but will clear up by the afternoon, with a high of 69 degrees. It's just like I dreamed about - last night of course.

Yes, I dreamed of where I was heading tomorrow - Disney's Hollywood Studios - and the dream opened with me riding an indoor soapbox derby/dark-ride hybrid based on a fictitious cartoon series Beanz. I headed out of the door and saw a turismo and saw a couple more as I walked to Muetti (they were all Brazilian tour groups). I told her that I'm heading to Toy Story Midway Mania and headed off, dodging the flagged groups.

That Disney dream turned into a real-life nightmare as I walked to a construction site adjacent to the attractions. I saw a couple of young men in bandannas and tanks talking trash, and I knew it was a gang. I eavesdropped on them as one of them dropped a sandbag. People walked by them, but they grabbed them and dragged them to their hangout. One of them slit a senior citizen's forehead and bored a wound on her head because of her mindless answers to his questions. Blood streamed all over her as she wept in vain. Other members of the gang did so likewise to five more people, and all six bloody victims bawled and placed their heads down as other people (few clutching balloons) watched the scene in disbelief.

Scenes like that happen in real life, but very rarely (close to zero) at Walt Disney World. Whether I'm victimized by that nightmare or not, I'm still doing Disney. Tomorrow will see the turismos, but there will be no brutal street gangs with knives that slit innocent people.


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