Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Frigid for Fantasy? Good News Ahead!

I for one don't do Disney in >59-degree weather, and right now, it's too darn chilly to see Eeyore! I'm glad that you survived doing it at this time and in the past few days (especially for those of you who ran in the WDW marathon events this past weekend and spectated it) - taking advantage of the indoor attractions, drinking warm fluids, and so on. According to weather.com, which has a forecast for the Walt Disney World Resort (Huzzah!), the temperatures will reach the 70's over the weekend. That makes it for great Disney weather, but I'm not doing Magic Kingdom on those days. I'm starting off at Disney's Hollywood Studios, deeming that it's too darn cold to ride Splash Mountain (Thankfully it's in refurbishment until the 27th next month!) in the other park mentioned and many rides are indoors! Oh, and I will be catching up with my frenemies, the turismos this weekend! Sure, they may be antagonists because they chant and make headaches, but I just developed a natural acquired immunity to them. Bring on the chanting and carrying on, Brazilian tour groups and Argentinean youth herds - here comes the Whiz Kid Forte!


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