Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Week of Glenn Scoby's Scholars!

You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I'm telling you why...

No, Virginia - Santa Claus isn't the only person to be prominent this Christmas season; throngs of cheer and dance teams and football players in their youth flock to the World for their big events - the Super Bowls and dance and cheer competitions. Those herds of kids, without a doubt, are the Scholars, hailing from their respective Pop Warner teams, and each early December, they rule the World.

Yes, that time of their prominence is ideal for the vacationer, providing that crowds are fairly light, but I have read many discussion boards (I'm a member of many of them!) detailing fellow Guests' horror stories pertaining to this period. Many stayed at either one of the All-Star resorts and had to endure them, loudness and all. On a lighter note, their season is shorter than the turismos', if you ask me, and at least they rarely, if not, never have those pendant flags held by guides!

For frugal travelers who want quiet, try Pop Century, but if the Scholars are booked, stay at a moderate resort with fewer legions of them (Ask if there's a room further away from them!) if you want some peace while staying in the middle of the Disney magic. If you want to go the extra mile and have some extra R&R, stay offsite - I did it several times in the past. The last time I stayed offsite was at the Vacation Village at Parkway, which is just five minutes from the World and just down I-192 from it (cue the late Paul Manz's God of Grace), and I recommend it for the nocturnal peacekeepers and those Disneyphiliac RCI timeshare holders! Also, consider renting a vacation home - they're more spacious and there's less chance of hearing those sprouts running up and down the halls at night! (AllEars, a Disney planning site, highly recommends All-Star Vacation Homes, their partner, and you can read more at http://allears.net/acc/vhomes.htm.)

Pop Warners do not have to be a pain in the rear by a little planning to earn your peace of mind. My next vlog will include them, as well as the new Space Mountain and maybe the first few turismos!

See ya real soon, folks!


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