Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Four Sundays of Turismos - (Character) Breakfast with the BTG!

Catholics and other Christians embracing Advent know what the third Sunday is - it's Gaudete Sunday - and I'm starting my own tradition by featuring the famous turismo each designated Sunday of the year, Lagetur! If you Disneyphiles ever crossed paths with the herd from Sao Paulo, you have noticed their all-yellow (shirts, sweats, spanx, and board shorts) uniformity roaming about in the parks. Haven't seen them before? Here's a video of the popular-as-turismos Mickey Mouse and a little boy dancing with a couple of the all-yellow members of this epitome of the (in)famous Brazilian tour group, filmed on location during Donald's Breakfastsaurus in the Tusker House Restaurant at Disney's Animal Kingdom! 

Watch and be entertained!

(Note to my British pen pal Ade, your nearby city's now a twin town with the resort - too cool!)


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