Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Dream of Volunteerism!

Sure, I volunteered before - in National Honor Society, in Tampa General near home, and at church, but not in my dream, although I was asked to thanks to a disciplinary action I heeded.

So why did I got in trouble at school in my dream and was forced to volunteer as a punitive measure, even though I was out of high school since a year-point-five ago? I was heading home and I encountered an extracurricular jazz dance class (I was unsure whether it complemented an elective pertaining to it.) in a dance studio without any observation windows, I watched the dancers stretch once inside, and I retreated just outside the dance studio to see the dancers warm up. The real dilemma came when the dance instructor asked the class what a "zoo pose" was. A boy did a half-moon pose (a yogic pose) and I disputed that with another yogic pose, bird-dog, and they were not zoo poses! I had points added on my records a negative way, for a dispute with the instructor, trespassing school grounds without consent, and bringing my friends in! My aunt noticed this when she drove home , telling me that I had to volunteer for misconduct. I asked my cousin where to volunteer, but she told me that I can send an apology via email, and I woke up after that.

That dream did not foretold trespassing in a dance studio, but it portended the year-long campaign for Disney Parks starting next month (January 1, 2010) - Give A Day, Get A Disney Day. You don't have to gain conduct cuts and have community service as a punishment - just sign up to the designated volunteering activity, volunteer, and get your free voucher for your free admission to do Disney for a day. If you are a Passholder like me (already renewed my SP), you can get a spacial Fastpass for your fave attractions or some other reward.

Disneyphiles in North America, don't be afraid to help your community and get a free visit to the Mouse House - it's doubly as fun to give than to receive!

Triond Article: Disney Dreams of Volunteerism


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