Thursday, December 3, 2009

Celebrate This Year, If There's Some Cake Left!!!

If you haven't entered for free admission on your b-day for the World (one of the theme park quartet members, that is), you're out of luck for most of you! If your birthdays fall on that month, work fast - the "What Will You Celebrate" campaign ends this year, on December 31! There's a lot of great treats for you folks out there, like cakes! I'm laughing at the idea, because I am a subscriber to my fellow Blogspot blogger Jen Yates's blog, Cake Wrecks! (She's a former Cast Member there - a Jungle Cruise Skipper, to be exact!) One of my favorite cakes relevant to the company and the final days of the celebration is what Yates calls, "The Disney Princess Explosion!"

The pastry chefs down at Disney wouldn't do that - use garish airbrushing, pipe rosebuds the wrong way, and pipe greenery up a waterfall - that would be against Uncle Walt's vision! (I'm featuring it just in time for the remainder of the campaign, folks!) If that Cake Wreck were a specialty cake made in the Mouse House bakery, I'd wish that I would have a My Mini Surprise Cake in the same motif instead - it's merely decorated with white buttercream and sprinkles, but it's worth the relief from sore eyes. The same is true with the Spaceship Earth cake - which offends me a bit since Epcot is my favorite Walt Disney World park!

Don't forget to register for your b-day free admission, folks - and don't forget to order yourself some cake! As Corbin Bleu says, "In everything you do, celebrate you," but make sure Disney does it right!

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