Friday, November 13, 2009

That's (Disney) News to Me - I

Hey there, hi there, ho there - you're as welcome as can be - again!

I just read and signed on to the Disney Parks Blog - and it's 100% official! (Yes, official!) It just started 2 months ago and I happened to stumble upon it by chance and I gave it a shot. The very first post I read about was about the refurbished Space Mountain - which I last rode last Christmas season in the Magic Kingdom, when I saw the Brazilian tour group Lagetur! It's will be different from the original, and the ride is just the crust of the planet. The best upcoming features include brand spanking new lighting schemes, interactive games in the stand-by queues, and best of all, a ride photo system so I can see myself screaming as if I'm a member of the choir, The Sixteen (or see my face obscured by a someone who is defying Thorpe Park's "Say NO to BO" rule)! I predict that the new Space Mountain will be awesome, but I'd go for DAK first (weather pending temperaturewise) this month.

Oh, and the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade, airing on 25 December on ABC, is now The Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade - and I dig that name for it goes beyond Walt Disney World - it's broadcast there as well as Disneyland in Anaheim (and perhaps other Disney parks worldwide, in rare cases)! If we have energy to go to the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, I'd roll with it!

With a new TV parade name and a blog, that's what I'm celebrating!

See ya real soon, you Disney-crazed peeps!

Oh, and the official Disney Parks Blog is here:


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