Saturday, November 7, 2009

Let's See What December Brings...

Sorry if it's too early, but what does one think of December at Disney?

To me, that means everything - from the seasonal facades (think icicle-cloaked Cinderella Castle and the Osbourne display) to the characters wearing red and green scarfs, jackets, and Santa suits. Also, it means crowds, from large ones spawning the 20th of the month all the way to the 4th of January to lighter ones from between that and the day after Thanksgiving break. Of all the reasons why December is so intriguing at Disney, not counting all the Christmas galore, this month is an interesting one because of swells of groups elementary to high.

Yes, I tout early December as a great time to go, but alas, the groups one should keep an eye on are the Pop Warner Little Scholars. With its football playoffs and cheer and dance championships slated to go on respectively between the 5th and the 12th and between the 7th and 11th, those groups would keep many a vacationer wishing that they'll be the last of their worries. Seasoned and first-time visitors usually note time and time again that they are raucous, especially with the cheerleaders. Some of the Scholars (what I call the Pop Warner participants) are conversely polite, supervised by their chaperones. In any case, they should be watched.

Also, December is a summer month in South America, and when numerous schools close down for the season, the turismos (split into the Argentinean youth herds and most infamously, the Brazilian tour groups) come in full circle in the parks. When Santa Season comes, brace yourself with a barrage of flags, matching bags and tops, chanting, and line-cutting. Oh, and I have written a Hub (I write for Hubpages) dedicated to the madness of the Latin American teens of doom (see link below). Again, just be aware of the turismos and you'll have a great Christmas vacation in a pinch.

So Merry Christmas Creep, everyone!!!

Turismos: Tour Groups of Central Florida


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