Friday, November 27, 2009


Walt Disney World has something for everyone, well increasingly, for those with developmental disorders.

Take autism, for example - I have it (hate to admit), as do 1 in 100 children, and I noted increases on articles and blogs on trips to Disney with those on that said spectrum. The main reason why is not just the increase of the disorder, but the resort harbors a plethora of sensory hurdles and flotsam - plenty enough to induce a meltdown. Add in the dance teams, Scholars (from Pop Warner), and the turismos (especially the all-too-familiar Brazilian tour groups a lot of us love to loathe), and you've created a tantrum entree!

A fellow Blogspot blogger wrote her trip report for her second Disney trip for January 2008, when turismos were on full force, and I had a blast reading it! She and her autistic son was less than enjoying it - with the latter being scared of most of the characters, becoming frightened of the villains part of Dream Along With Mickey, and tantruming as they wait for the monorail. As funny as it seems, it's a bit on the poor planning side, but what the peas - I enjoyed reading her report! (See her full story at .)

On the flip side, the Texan couple, Ray and Rachel Pilgrim, who have an autistic son named Josh and a neuro-typical daughter named Becca, conceived a website for families doing Disney with their children on their former child's side, speaking of the developmental disorder. As one section shows, adults are not the only ones involved in the touring and vacation planning - children on the spectrum participate too, as the authors provide social stories and picture schedules to prepare them. As with all families, whether their children are neuro-typical or autistic, the best advice is to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the theme parks.

For the website, Disney For Families with Autism Spectrum Disorder, please visit


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