Saturday, September 5, 2009

Best. MNSSHP. Costume. Idea. EVAR.

Unlike the hated Christmas creep, when many stores promote the likes of St.
Nicholas of Myra and the Holy Infant before Thanksgiving here in my native USA, Halloween creep is a good thing. If I have a million dollars or more, I would try out the ongoing hard-ticket (separate event admission) event in the Magic Kingdom: Mickey's Not-so-Scary-Halloween-Party!

I have been to the other hard-ticket event, Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, back in 2005 with my aunts, uncles, ex-cousins, and cousins, but not that event. We have Busch Gardens (I have the Fun Card) to worry about, but maybe in 2010, I'll go there if I have the chance and money.

As you have heard, for the Disney literate, there's Mickey's Boo-to-You Parade, Happy HalloWishes, Villains' Mix and Mingle, and of coourse, trick-or-treating. Guests are encouraged to come in costume, and the cajoling to come in a guise gives me an idea.

Time and time again, I have seen a lion's share of school groups, Pop Warner, and herds of South American teens or college students in matching backpacks (as in the Argentinian tour groups) or tops (as in the Brazilian tour groups). We know the latter all too well - the chanting, cutting in line, and all that, and that annoys me a little bit, since they add to the crowds. I wrote two articles on Triond about the groups, one about just the Brazilian ones, and another with my anecdotes with the said groups plus those of Argentina at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

So, after a series of day-trips to the parks this year (as well as in the past), I found my inspiration - gather a few friends, have them wear matching T-shirts, have me hold a flag, and voila! I created an instant South American tour group, ready to roam the parks and annoy the heck out of other visitors!

Another reason I want the group who is coming to the event (next year, I hope), even if it's just me and muetti is because we are getting more frugal with costumes - budget-stretching experts remind us to buy costumes from the thrift store or make our own, and the recession is helping me with my idea!

I will be going to the costume ball at the Magic Kingdom next year, but this year, let me consider dressing up as that wacko who freaked out in response to his mother's cancellation of his World of Warcraft account...


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