Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One More Day 'Till Validity!

Ahhh - the summer hiatus of the Walt Disney World Seasonal Pass (invalid dates from the 4th of June to this day) is coming to an end. The period was a big downer for Disneyphiles who live an hour from the resort like me and Muetti, but we got our Disney fixes at T-Rex, the swankiest new restaurant in Downtown Disney, where I had my birthday supper, and at the mall, at the Disney Store. In the meantime, we went to local venue Busch Gardens Tampa Bay four times that summer - two day-trips with my Seattle cousins (in two consecutive days on a hot July weekend, where turismos, more Argentinian youth herds than the most-maligned-by-many Brazilian tour groups, dominated there as well as at the resort), and twice with just Muetti and me, with the latter riding formerly-maligned SheiKra for the very first three times. As we departed the Disney high-inducing vendor, I heard the strains of Corbin Bleu's "Celebrate You," signifying that I'll soon return to the theme parks this fall, after a proposed weekend in Fort Lauderdale.

Should I return to WDW after the Fort Lauderdale mini-vacay, I'll start off with Disney's Animal Kingdom, then follow it with Disney's Hollywood Studios, the Magic Kingdom, and honored favorite, Epcot. I use Random.org's sequence generator to plan which parks to access to make my mind up.

Oh and speaking of July, I made a photo/video montage of tour groups prevalent in many Central Florida theme parks at that time, and this was taken during that July weekend at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay when my cousins visited me and Muetti.